Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Veda and Kaylen playing with their meow and frog!

So, as Mac continues to amaze us, Veda steps up to the plate and does the same thing. She is so smart! Doesn't every parent think that, but really, she can understand EVERY WORD that comes out of our mouth. She definitelydoesn't even have to say a word, because we know exactly what she's thinking by the grunt or pointing that she does for us. This is not good news. We need to start making her say words like juice and up. They should definitely be talking more than she is, McCrae, Kevin and I just know and understand her so well, it's hard to remember to make her talk.

In this video of Kaylen (Veda and Mac's cousin) and Veda have their what we call "meow" and frog. This is their "comfort" item. Anyway, Veda gives Kaylen her frog, then face plants into her meow and then they give sugars. It's all soo sweet. I hope you all enjoy it as much as we do!

Until we meet again,

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Pledge of Allegiance

This morning on the way to work, I realized my three year old could say the ENTIRE pledge of allegiance and the Lord's Prayer. It was AMAZING!!! He's was the leader in his class today, and I asked him what the leader did. He holds the flag as they say the pledge. Then I just asked if he knew it, and he spit it out like "no big deal." I almost wrecked the car!!! What on earth!! How did I not know that. On top of that, he says the entire Lord's Prayer, even the word trespasses... and all of the other hard words, that even sometimes I mess up!

Holy Cow, thank goodness at Meemaw's tonight, Aunt DeeDee brought her video camera. We caught it on tape, so here's Mac saying the pledge.

Maybe Aunt DeeDee will share Veda and Kaylen playing too, then I can share it with all of you! Enjoy.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Birthdays EVERYWHERE!!!

Today, we went to two first birthdays. They were lots of fun, but boy are we pooped! Our neice, Kaylen had her first bday today and 3pm, then our friends Jenny and Kirby had their daughter Jenna Kate's Party at 6pm. I'll have to upload pics at a later date. I know I'll be getting some via email soon. They were both so cute. Kaylen's was a frog themed party outside. It was hot! Mac's favorite part was the pinatta. Is that how you spell that? We played and played and ate cake and icecream that was great, then had to leave to venture off to Jenna Kate's party which was lollipop themed. All Mac wanted to do was eat on of those lollipops, which ended up being the "take home" gift, thank goodness, if not, we'd had to jack one from the party for Mr. Mac.

Veda thought both were SO Fun! Especially the icecream, which she can say as clear as day. She is too funny. Kevin says really loud and husky to her ALRIGHT!! and she yells it back in a deep husky voice. Halarious!

We got great news tonight too from Kayce and Adam (Sister and Brother-in-law). They're going to be parents AGAIN!! Baby #2 is on the way!!! We are so stoked that ours will have another playmate and Kaylen will have a baby brother or sister. Mac tried to call them tonight, he couldn't wait to ask what they were going to name it. He called, and said, "momma the phone isn't ringing it's going bomp bomp bomp." I laughed, it was busy! HA HA HA!! Oh well, I guess we'll have to find that out later.

Oh and sorry Krys, updating everyone. Our other sister is getting ready to be married in June. We are thrilled about her choice in "the one." Stew baby fits in just like he was meant to be here, and we can't wait to be apart of her big day. We'll keep you posted on everything. Tons is happening on this post eh??

Later tater,