Monday, June 15, 2009

Folly Beach Day

Yesterday was Kevin's families 4th of July celebration. I know it's not the 4th quite yet, but Folly Beach is SOOO crowded that day, that we decided to do it at the end of June and it was much less crowded.

Our kids loved it. I thought they would hesitate because they've been to the waterpark so much that the water was salty instead of fresh. They didn't skip a beat. Uncle Adam tried to make them take turns on the boogie board, but that was hard, Allie helped Mac and Veda cover Daddy up in sand, and we all laid around in the surf all day.They had a blast playing with Allie and Kaylen. Sawyer was too small to get wet, but next year, he'll be roarin ready to go.
Here are a few pics that capture the day.

The four of them, Veda, McCrae, Kaylen, and Allie get ready to head down to the beach for a swim.

Veda had her sunglasses upside down most of the time.
She loves them and thinks she's hot stuff in them.
They were a barbie bday gift.

Our family playing in the sand.

Veda had a hard time standing up in the strong current.
It looks like I was in a hurry to get to her. ha ha ha.

Daddy and his princess!! Veda is absolutely
head over heals for her daddy.

I love the tight grip she has on his head!

Where is Daddy? They did a great job of
camoflauging him.

Daddy and Veda

Meemaw and McCrae have a heart to heart!

Uncle Adam trying to decide who goes first and what to do with the others while one rides! Oh the joys of unclehood!

Allie, Mac, and Veda make a beautiful sand castle.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Let the fun begin!

We started the summer off with a bang! Aunt Krystal got married Saturday, and it was a humdinger of a wedding! So beautiful, and the party afterward was so fun for us. Mom and Dad came, took our kids home, so we got to watch the bride and groom be whisked away, which by the way NEVER happens anymore, because we have children that take us home by 8:30! No complaints! :)

Aunt Krystal was stunning, Uncle Stu Baby wasn't too bad himself, and the band, the food, the friends, it was a party to remember! Thank you the Miller's for a fantastic night. It was so fun that we stayed in a hotel room with Aunt Dee Dee and Uncle Adam, they had Sawyer too, and I didn't even wake up when he cried at 3A.M. Whew, I danced my legs off. The next day, I definitely felt it.

Then, Monday we visited Meemaw's house to watch Aunt Krystal and Uncle Stu Baby open presents, of course the kids were all about that. We caught them at the end, so there wasn't much left to open, but they got great stuff!

Tuesday, we hit the water park. Got there at 10 and left at 1, now that's my kind of water park. We ate lunch there, and took naps when we got home. However, their naps weren't as good as I'd hoped they would be.... maybe the sun, maybe overly tired, but I was OUT and they were restless! HA, go figure. Mac and Veda were precious going around and around the slide. up the stairs, down the slide. They would walk of course (or the lifeguard would get on them, mommy too!) and slide down right next to each other. All I had to do was watch and wait. It was the most precious thing I'd seen in a LONG time. I WISH I HAD A CAMERA!!! (someone in the Bahamas is using my digital now, and loving it I'm sure.)

Today, we relaxed, visited Granny, and talked all about her trip to Africa. Tomorrow, we head to the movie theatre, and then we'll probably go back to the water park again this week. We are living the summer up so far! Surely, this pace will not keep up. Otherwise, I'll need a vacation come August when school rolls back around! Ha ha ha!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Birthday Girl!

This past week, Veda turned 2! We stayed at somerset for a week and had a little party under a picnic shelter for her. She got tons of fun gifts, we got her a play kitchen which she runs to every morning and plays on for hours every day. Her vocabulary in the past two weeks has increased so much. I feel like McCrae is really really wearing off on her now. She yells and screams just like he does.

Last night, granddaddy was over by the goats, across the branch, and we were on our porch. She yelled so loudly to him that he answered her. Wow, who knew Veda could be so loud! I definitely thought Mac had her beat. Maybe not!

I had their pictures made last weekend for both their birthdays, I'll upload them when I get them back from the photographer. For now, here are some of us at Somerset. Enjoy!! This was their first big swim of the season.

Veda and McCrae swim with Daddy.

McCrae teaches Veda how to slice veggies. Pretend of course!

Veda lays one on her new cousin Sawyer. She absolutely LOVES babies, especially when they are related!

Veda and Kaylen (Kayce and Adam's little girl) hold hands and get ready to get wet! They are the best of friends!!

Veda and Kaylen enjoy a popsicle at Meemaw's house! That's their favorite treat!

McCrae counts to play hide and seek.

Does this remind you of being young again or what? Cousins loving each other. Veda, Allie, McCrae, and Kaylen all sweat it out for a picture or two. They all were very well behaved!

Veda and Mac... best buds!

Veda with her first kitchen and meow of course!

Miss Priss and her walk to the water in her pretty little bathing suit and crown!

Veda modeling her crown.

Piper is a daschund that Jeannie (the girl that kept Veda for 2 years) has. Piper is a puppy and Veda LOVES that dog to death. So, we made her a piper cake! It was perfect, she was so thrilled to have piper at her party!

Taking her first dip of the Summer! She borrowed the shades from her friend Riley!