Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Birthday Boy!!

Yesterday was Mac's 4th Birthday. He thought he was on cloud 9. We had a few family members over last night for burgers and cake, it wasn't anything big because I wanted his 5th birthday to be a big one.

He woke up yesterday morning to us singing happy birthday. He immediately had a huge smile on his face, we went down stairs and he opened his presents. He got from me and Kevin a tent to camp in, legos, magnetix, monster truck and a bouncey ball. He loved it all.

Then after family came over he got a spider man scooter, bug vacuum, bull dozer, xmen huge hand and man, clothes, dvd, book, and a few other things. It was so fun. I of course made a home made cake. It was a cowboy boot. He loves them, and the cake was great, at least I think it was.

Here are some pics. Bare with me, there are a ton.

Field Day

Yesterday was a HUGE day for McCrae! It was his birthday and he had field day at the school. I'm including some pics from field day. He ran so hard, it was halarious! His class is precious, they're only 3 so it was really funny.