Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Yesterday at Veda's school she and her cousin Kaylen dressed alike. Aunt Carrie bought these precious dresses for them both, and they looked like little bits of heaven. We get comments on them looking a lot alike anyway, so it was perfect that they had matching dresses. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cousin Kaylen spends the night

Last night, Kaylen spent the night with us, and we enjoyed getting to wake up with her this morning. I dressed Veda and Kaylen alike for church, they were precious. Kaylen doesn't get to wear a bow that often, so it was a treat and I documented it. It's so nice to have two girls the same age! I can't wait to watch them grown into young ladies.

Trip to Savannah

Well, we have missed and missed our friends in Savannah and couldn't wait another weekend to see them. So, last weekend we drove after work to see Aunt Na Na and Uncle Brian (Renae and Brian). We stayed Fri. night and into the day Sat. then came home for Sawyer's baby dedication. We had such a GREAT time in Savannah. When we got there we ate with uncle Brian and Aunt Na Na at a Mexican Restaurant. It was a blast, and Veda of course loved the chips... she's my chip girl. and McCrae, well seeing as he was born on cinco de mayo, and people call him Taco, it just seems fitting that he LOVES tacos! (soft of course). So, we loved that place.

Then Saturday, we went to Savannah Mall, it had a Carousel, Arcade, play area, and the chick fil-a cow. You would have thought we were at an amusement park. I think Uncle Brian and Aunt Na Na may have been worn out when we left. I know I was!

Here are a few pics that captured the weekend. Oh, Veda and Mac loved Cabella, their dog. She's a pointer, and was so friendly to them. Veda was feeding her gold fish! Too cute! Thank you Brian and Renae for being the hostesses with the mostess! We love yall!!

Veda's School Experience

I wrote last week about Mac's school experience, but haven't had a chance to let you in on Veda's. I'm posting a picture from this week, her first every piggie tails. They were out by the end of the day, and Her hair was like a huge wig. It was halarious by the time I go to her at the end of the day.

She loves her teachers, and is now fully potty trained. She has been easier in that aspect than her brother. She's the slowest eater in town, but she'll eat everything if you give her the time. She loves playing with all her new friends, and she just talks so much more now. I thought I would have one talker and one more reserved one, but I don't think so. I think both are talkers! GREAT!!! Payback.... God has a funny sense of humor! :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

First Day of K4

Today was McCrae's first day of K4. He has Mrs. Talley and LOVED it! I've posted a picture of he and his buddy Asher. They were sooo handsome. Mac came home and told us all about it. Especially of the fact that he hadn't gotten any insects taken away!

We are so proud of him!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Birthday Pictures

I had McCrae and Veda's birthday pictures made between May (Mac's bday month) and June ( Veda's bday month). They turned our beautifully! Becky Kranz I give all the credit to you! Thank you, you did an amazing job! Here are a few for you to enjoy!

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Sad Heart

Today was exciting and sad for us! Veda, our baby girl went to her first day of daycare. She's two and has been with me all summer, and stayed with a friend that kept a few children until then. I was so worried about how she would handle the situation. McCrae is much different than her, he's very bubbley and just said bye mommy when I left him for the first time. Veda on the other hand is very clingy and reserved. She'd much rather be with me or Kevin than with other strangers.

So... we walked up to the door: Me, McCrae, and Veda. Mac was excited to be back where he was a year ago, but you could tell Veda was very unsure. I'd been telling her all weekend about her "new school" and she said she was ready, but it was a very reluctant "I ready Momma."

I held her for the first few minutes and Mac immediately ran over to Kaylen (their cousin who also started today). When I put her down she wanted "UP UP MOMMA" but I didn't pick her up, I gave her meow (her "security" charm) and she was ok, but didn't leave my side. So I told Holly that she'd probably have to pick her up for me to leave, and so she did, and me and Mac walked around the corner, and she SURVIVED!!! I couldn't believe it. All that worrying... UHHH I should have know God was hearing my prayer after prayer. God is soooo good, and He answers us when we cry to Him.

She was really well behaved they said and she even asked to go to the potty, which is a miracle in a new place. We are about 95% potty trained, and I just knew this was going to be a relapse, because of the new place, but NOPE she is GREAT!! When we got in the car, she was very talkative and reminded me a lot more of Mac and his talkativeness... She just jabbered on about her new friends and they played outside. I think she likes it. We're going to go again tomorrow... maybe take a nap by mid week there! YIKES!!

What have I learned in all of this?? It's true what they say, worrying does NOTHING good for you! Trust God, He will protect them! That is my constant prayer... protection over my children, and once again, He is delivering!!! Thank you Jesus!

Looking forward to another successful day tomorrow! Until next time... Chow!

P.S. Sorry no pics, I need a digital!