Saturday, August 30, 2008


Well, we don't have cable... I know, I know, that's unheard of, but it's true. So, we all ventured to Mimi and Granddaddy's to watch the game and Heather's family came too! It is always so much fun when we all get together. Very exciting and loud and energetic... Needless to say when we all leave, I think we ALL need a nap!

Here are a few pics from tonight. Mom and Dad (Mimi and Granddaddy) bought a Wii, and OMG, it is halarious.... we ALL Tried it out, the grandkids think it is the coolest thing!

Kevin even loved it. Like father like son, they're both boxing. Check it out!


Sunday, August 24, 2008

What day is it?

Man, I feel like 20 days have passed, and no, I don't have any pictures to update. I have my school photos on the other camera, I'll download tomorrow. For some reason this weekend has flown by and I'm so not prepared for tomorrow! This school stuff is way harder than I ever thought it would be. Teachers REALLY have to love their job! Lucky for me, I do!!! This week was incredible. I absolutely love it, and should have been doing it for 6 years now. Oh well, let's not dwell on the past...

It makes for a really long day, but I absolutely love having Mac at school with me. He has come out of his shell, if that was possible. He's high fiving teachers, headmasters, it's crazy. He acts like he owns the place. He LOVES his teacher Mrs. Judy and Mrs. Crystal. He of course loves snack time, play outside time, lunch time, and nap time. Not too sure about the inbetween, but I'm sure with time, he'll love all of it. We got to eat lunch together on Wednesday, that was really nice and I hope to get to do it at least once per week.

Veda continues to be a ray of sunshine every single day. Her little smile and attitude is just so funny. She and Mac play together so well, and they kiss and hug, my prayer is that they're still kissing and hugging at 10 and 8 years old.... I hope this getting along thing lasts... She's started talking a little more. Today she said Allie (her cousins name). I've got to get a picture of her meow and Mac's bear, they could not function without those things. They only get them when they sleep, but oh my it is a sight to see both of them in the morning running around sucking their thumbs with that "comfort piece."

Off to school again tomorrow. Have a happy Monday!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wedding Pictures are here!!

I'm so excited for you to see. I downloaded pictures from Shaili and Sameer's wedding that Missy and Tommy took. These are great pics to let you see what we experienced, it was amazing. I'm still talking about it! Enjoy

Saturday, August 16, 2008

There are more great pics from the zoo, so I'm adding more! Enjoy!!

School Started

Man, school started, and that was all she wrote for the blogging! I have a ton to report.

The wedding was incredible! Of course I have no pictures for you, becuase I just told everyone else to email me some, and I haven't gotten any. So those of you reading this that were going to, please do send them. Shaili was the most beautiful bride, dripping in jewels and her husband Sameer rode to her family on a white horse. They danced in a "parade" all the way to meet her family as Sameer rode behind them, it was something I'd never seen before, and probably will never see again. Kevin and I were so honored to be apart of all of it! Thank you Shaili and Sameer. There was definitely zero skimping on anything. I mean the food was delicious. We got to sit down and eat two full meals, the ceremony was longer than usual and a little confusing for us, but I'm sure Shaili and Sameer knew exactly what they were doing... :) right!!

Then to the zoo. We did all of this in less than 24 hours. Ginny and David gave up their home to have us for a day and night, and we are so grateful. David's house was beautiful and they kept our children, it was just so nice. So, thank you again! Back to the zoo. Mac almost fell out when we saw all that there was to see. Penguins, Zebras, ELEPHANTS, Giraffes, the most incredible turtles you've ever seen. Kevin and I enjoyed it just as much as Mac did, I think. Veda loved it too, but it was her nap time, so she was def. not worrying about animals all that much, she was attached to her meow! I'm so glad we went early in the morning, because it quickly got hotter and hotter. We left around lunch and had a really long ride according to Mac (only 1-1/2 hours).

Then thursday I had my first students in class. It was a crazy day, and the last thing I wanted to do when I got home was talk, so Kevin just had to guess how my day was. Sorry to all of you who called... I just was so exhausted. Friday came, and it was soooo much better!!! I was more prepared and less nervous, so I think I'm really going to enjoy being in the classroom. I've got lots of work to do before monday. A whole lot more than the classroom goes into teaching that's for sure. I'm really not sure what I expected, but this is major hard work. Kudos to all of those teachers out there.... I am pooped!

Until next time! Adios!

Friday, August 8, 2008

A morning of firsts!

This morning we woke to almost 20 turkeys in our yard, just a gobbling. It was CRAZY!! I thought to myself, only in the country do you get to witness this. My children were amazed, and they just walked around the entire yard like they owned the place.

If Kevin were home, I'm sure he would have gone crazy! Today was my last full day with my children. Monday I start back to work at the school. We had a great lazy day...this weekend we're taking Mac and Veda to the zoo. I can't wait to report on how they react, they don't know. We're also going to an indian wedding. Groom comes in on a white horse and all. I'll give you a great report Monday!


Thursday, August 7, 2008

The things they ask.

This morning on the way to school, Mac talked of course the entire way. He was asking about God and who he made. He listed EVERYONE in our family and then asked about himself. He said momma, "How did God screw my neck on?" I almost died. What on earth do I say... I mean what a creative question. I told him God can do ANYTHING he wants to and when he decided he wanted to make a little boy... He did. Do you think that is a sufficient answer? ha ha ha... Oh well, for now, that's what he's got.

He also told Mrs. Stella yesterday (his sitter) that if she wanted a baby (because she kept calling him her baby, and he said No, I'm not a baby) she'd have to ask Joe (her husband) for one. She looked at him funny, kinda like how do you know that is where they come from. She said well, Joe would have to order us a baby, and he said yes, I know! Shew.... off the hook on that one. He's full of fun questions. I'll keep them coming as I hear them.

Veda is of course just taking it all in. She's become very friendly with Coral her all cloth baby doll... She especially loved the antique baby I have at home... and the porcelain one she tries to play with. Boy oh boy...she's going to be a mess too. This morning she tried to put my make-up on. ALREADY!!!!

Until next time! Cheers.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

This summer has been filled with fun days at home and outings. It's been so hot this week, we have been mostly at home. Mac is so creative, he wanted to be a dog, so, I made him a dog out of socks and eye liner. Veda on the other hand didn't like that too much. He would bark at her and she would scream in terror! It was so much fun :) Veda is a great eater, always gets her dessert, yesterday, it was chocolate ice cream on a stick, wow, did she love that!

We'll be seeing you soon! I can't wait to tell Kevin we're bloggers, I'm sure he'll do a little dance! Ha ha.

We're bloggers Baby!

Wow, this is too cool! Most of my friends have blogs, but we are newcomers to the idea, so here it goes. We are a family of four. McCrae is 3 and Veda is 14 months and they are so much fun. Kevin and I have married 6 years October 12 and the journey just keeps getting better and better. I hope you all enjoy this as much as we enjoy sharing it!