Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Soccer Ball Practice

Yes, you read it right, soccer ball. McCrae won't call it just Soccer, it has to have the word BALL behind it! He is the cutest thing EVER playing soccer. He played goalie most of the time last night, and he ROCKED at it!! He got one right in the belly (GUT) and stopped, looked at me and the coach, like should I cry or not... and he sucked it right up. I yelled to him, "GOOD JOB McCRAE, SHAKE IT OFF!" and he got up! He got right back to work!! We are so proud of him. Here are a few pics to show you all the day! Oh, can't forget to say how proud we are of his Daddy...he's a GREAT coach!

Mac's #1 cheerleader is Veda, she loves going to practice and watching (or playing with toys). She constantly is trying to run out and hug Daddy (coach) on the field. It is a precious site!

Mac Playing Goalie!

Coach Kevin and his team!

McCrae dribbling the ball around the field!