Monday, February 16, 2009

A long needed weekend.

McCrae is dancing and singing on the window seat this morning.

Veda's new mullet!

This weekend has been sooo nice! We've caught up on sleep, worked around the house, and most of all enjoyed being together. I took some pics of Veda and Mac this morning, still in our pj's. I cut Veda's hair Thurs. so she is now without her mullet! Praise the Lord! ha ha ha.
We are going snow skiing with our small group this weekend. I can not wait! Mac is going to ski/tube, and I'm looking forward to experiencing all of that with him!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Man, I haven't updated in forever! Sorry. Happy Almost Valentine's Day. I have no pictures to post. I'll do that sometime soon.

Teaux Sisters Jumble sale went really well. We were suprised at how many people consigned and how many came to buy. It was awesome!! In the fall, we will definitely have to move to another location to accomodate the growth.

These days, Veda is a talking machine. She is saying full sentences. I want this and that. Where are you? I'm right here. Where is Gabe. She is so funny and sweet. She's got tons of new teeth all at once trying to come in, which means she can be fussy, but overall she is growing and progressing along very well.

McCrae was put on a commercial this past week. It will be aired in a week 10 times. They had him say "Come see us at Open House." It was for school... He was decked out that day. He and his sister are getting along very well lately. They're playing together without me in the room. It's so nice to finally get to cook supper without them under my feet every night.

Well, enjoy your Valentine's Day. I'll upload pics shortly. Until then...