Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 09

Ok, so I've been extremely slack about blogging. I'm so sorry to those of you who keep up with us this way, I promise, I'll do better! This Halloween was by far our best yet! The kids LOVED trick or treating.

Veda was slow to start, she was shy and hid behind my leg and wouldn't really say "trick or treat" at any of the first few houses, but by house #4, she was on top of it. She was yellin "trick or treat" across the yard before we even got to the door. They had great manners, said thank you (with some reminding a time or two). I have pictures, but they're at home, so I'll have to upload them later. They really tell the WHOLE story.

McCrae was scooby doo, and he was a HUGE hit!! He got his costume from his cousin Hayes, it fit to a "t" and he was so excited about it! Everyone loved scooby and even gave him "scooby treats." He laughed and laughed about scooby treats.

Veda was a scarecrow. I got her costume from our consignment sale, which by the way is happening again in March. She was absolutley precious, but people got her confused with a witch... she had a black hat, but IT HAD PATCHWORK on it... surely that should have given it away right? Anyway, they loved it, and we had a BLAST taking them from house to house.

This will go down in history as the best Driggers Halloween YET!!